New Mind
Mission Statement
New Mind strives to develop quality, tested, cutting-edge web and mobile applications that positively impact stated client goals and expectations.

Through our professional consulting services and application solutions, we provide value to our clients in the context of a meaningful, focused business-to-business relationship.
Our Process
Employing an iterative, agile software development process, New Mind works closely with clients in a flexible, collaborative relationship.
When you work with New Mind, you work with a team of professionals focused on the success of your business. Throughout the development process, a project lead will be in contact via, phone, email, or video conference, ensuring that project expectations are met; that iterative progress demonstrations are delivered in a timely manner; that project change requests are communicated to the development team and built-in with minimal delays.
progress is not measured by promises, but by meeting client goals throughout the project life cycle
Adapting to change is a core component of our software development philosophy. In other words, changes in project requirements are not only accepted, but welcomed. Utilizing design pattern driven software development, we are able to create highly flexible, scaleable application frameworks that emphasize code re-use over from-scratch development. The end result, we can build in even late stage changes to project requirements without having to start from the ground up.

Our process guidelines:
  • Communication over contractual negotiations
  • Frequent meetings between client & project lead
  • Frequent (iterative) software releases
  • Software aligned with client expectations/goals
  • Adherence to coding standards and best practices
  • Disciplined project management
  • Adapting to change
  • Dedicated & Colocated Servers