Wellness Inc.
Looking to replace their legacy Palm Pilot health screening app., Wellness Inc. hired New Mind to develop a standalone iPhone/iPod app. Running an offline SQLite database, jQuery & AJAX, screening directors now just sync field devices to the cloud server at the end of the day. Result?

No more need for field laptops.

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Web & Mobile Applications
New Mind continuously adapts to an ever changing technological landscape, developing cutting edge, scalable web & mobile applications that improve business operations.

Companies seeking to maximize business operations efficiency will benefit from a web presence that integrates the following components into their public and private facing website interfaces:
data capture (forms), storage (database) & presentation (reports)

These are the three pillars of successfull business website operations, combined they form a Content Management System (CMS). For example, your public facing website interface will require capturing various types of information from site visitors. If you are selling products or services via an online shopping cart, you will need to capture customer contact, shipping, and payment information. Generating attractive, interactive, easy-to-use forms are essential in maintaining a high customer conversion rate. We specialize in automated forms generation using the latest available web 2.0 technologies.

Captured customer data is stored in a relational database, the essential foundation of any non-trivial business website. This core data repository is used to pre-populate returning customer forms, as well as for report generation & analysis. Visit our Database section for detailed information on its vital role in your business operations.

Your private facing website interface will then need to provide a means to administer not only stored customer data, but every aspect of your site, from product inventory to customer data, site content to site navigation links, memberships to your company blog.

Our custom Content Management Systems are platform independent and specifically tailored to meet the exact requirements of your business. In other words, we don't rely on existing cookie-cutter systems, attempting to meet client needs by forcing a square into a round hole. Your business is unique, so is ours.

To find out more about how New Mind can help your business meet its technology goals, Contact Us