Besant Hill
The Besant Hill School needed to transform their image or risk losing prospective applicants to New England boarding schools. New Mind created a new front end tailored to their performing arts-based curriculum, and added a comprehensive CMS to manage their public facing website.

Student applications: up 50%.
Marketing & Design
New Mind creates cutting edge designs and powerful marketing campaigns to maximize client web presence.
Providing professional copy writing, marketing and design services, we help clients create a coherent, engaging message, one that converts site visitors into customers.
design draws the eye, copy enagages the mind

Design, harmony at work
  • Uncluttered, clean and uncrowded with lots of white space, everything is there for a specific reason. Less is more.

  • Layout is well organized; the design tells you exactly where to look and when.

  • Color and images are used well, positively influencing visitor sentiment.

  • It's readable. Poorly designed sites use fonts that are too small or place text against cluttered backgrounds.

  • Easy to get around, navigation is clear and obvious. You know exactly how to get the information you're looking for.

  • The site works in all major browsers.

Marketing, getting the word out
  • Implement comprehensive SEO campaign (e.g. Google Ads, bulk link buy-in, target market ads, etc.)

  • Traffic, getting the right people to your website or landing page.

  • Conversion, turning visitors into customers.

  • Follow-up, deepen the relationship and increase the value of each customer.

  • Analyze visitor traffic trends to fine tune your message

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