USA Hockey
The US Hockey Report had run a successful scouting report covering up & coming players in USA Hockey for more than a decade, but their existing website was in shambles. New Mind came to the rescue, implementing a custom team/player stats engine CMS, new frontend design & shopcart. Result?

Their revenue has tripled.
Database Services
New Mind helps companies solve IT business problems by providing expertise in enterprise and legacy databases.
DBA Experts

New Mind develops and supports applications that use mission-critical transactional databases on Linux, Windows, Unix and Legacy platforms. Our staff has more than 20 years DBA experience in the installation, configuration and development of enterprise database and application server environments, including support for 24X7, backup, recovery failover and replication. We support colocated and Cloud based database and application server environments. Our database administrators are experts in a variety of database applications, including:
Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and Filemaker

We start every engagement with an assessment of the current IT system in place and the goals to be achieved in the replacement or enhancement of that system. We take into account technology costs, both license fees and continuing support, the robustness of the solution to be delivered, and the availability of support resources for the solution's life cycle.

We have worked with databases from the days of the IBM 360 and ISAM/VSAM up to the current state of the art clustered relational and OLAP databases, colocated or Cloud resident. We have supported and developed applications for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, IBM, Informix, Sybase and Codasyl databases.

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