New Mind
Mission Statement
New Mind strives to develop quality, tested, cutting-edge web and mobile applications that positively impact stated client goals and expectations.

Through our professional consulting services and application solutions, we provide value to our clients in the context of a meaningful, focused business-to-business relationship.
New Mind lives & breathes all things technical in the service of your business.
New Mind Development is a privately held, Boston-area company established in 2001. We specialize in data-driven web & mobile applications using enterprise and open source database environments. We are a collection of dedicated techology professionals, skilled & experienced in our respective fields.
we are invested in the success of your business

Core Staff

Noah Cutler, Web/Mobile Development

Avid functional programmer, specializing in scalable application design on the Java Virtual Machine. Currently working in Scala ( developing highly concurrent systems for Big Data modeling/analysis. Experience with traditional RDBMS along with NoSQL databases. Interested in type safe application development, particularly in regard to database access vis-a-vis F# Type Providers and LINQ to SQL.

Steven Furie, Project Lead / Filemaker Development

Steve is our project lead and first point of contact in client relations. He holds a degree in cognitive psychology from the University of Massachusetts. His focus is on process oriented project management. Steve is also an expert Filemaker developer. He has worked directly with Apple and other corporate entities on large scale Filemaker implementation projects.

Dan Nissenbaum, OS/Software Development

Daniel is a computational scientist and computer programmer with decades of experience both in industry and in academic research, specializing in advanced methods using object-oriented programming and C++. Dan has a Ph.D. in computational physics from Northeastern University, where his thesis involved a Quantum Monte Carlo simulation of molecular systems.

Neil Anderson, OS/Software Development

Neil is our resident Java guru. Pending project requirements, he will descend from his Java cloud to code in Perl, Python, and Ruby, albeit reluctantly. His focus is on graphical user interface application development using the Java SE Swing library. Neil has a degree in computer science from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Peter Cutler, Creative Director

Prior to joining New Mind Peter was a Senior Copywriter at Hill, Holliday, Boston's leading advertising agency. He has won over 100 international awards for his marketing campaigns, copywriting and design. He is also an award-winning fine artist and photographer.

Stephanie Laberge, Graphic Design

An artist par excellence, Stephanie is responsible for our high end Flash creations, as well as providing consistently tasteful front end graphic design work. She holds degrees in graphic design and 3-D animation from the Univeristy of Montreal in Quebec, Canada.

Rui Gulguho, Graphic Design

Rui is an Interactive Designer with a background in online and traditional design. He has a degree in graphic design from the School of Image and Communication in Lisbon as well as a degree in 3d design from St. Martin's College of London. Recently he worked as a 3d designer for Escape Studios in London. Rui has worked for MTV, Nokia, Opel and other brand-based corporations.

Chris Eastland, Consultant/Advisor
He has been a founder of several successful Information Technology consulting organizations whose clients include Oracle, Sun, TimeLife, Bertelsman, Hewlett Packard, Verizon and other Fortune 1000 and SMEs in North America and EMEA regions. His expertise for over 30 years has been database systems and enterprise architecture. He is currently working on projects to develop Android mobile products that work with Cloud based SOA servers -- visit Nebula Software Systems for more details.