To virtualize their publishing operations LeaderResources needed to consolidate. Book sales via Yahoo, manual membership tracking, and no means to manage inventory. New Mind created a comprehensive shopcart, products CMS and accounting system.

Physical office: gone, 100% virtual workplace.
Cloud Services
New Mind leverages the power of cloud computing, reducing client operating costs, increasing application reliability and server uptime.
Cloud Power

Since the advent of the internet and the first hosted website, there has been "the cloud". Google Apps, Paypal, Facebook, and Twitter are a few of the better know cloud services in operation today, which is to say, a collection of remote servers that provide a service to end users without their having to purchase or maintain any equipment related to the service provided.
Cloud computing is "everything that we currently do"
Oracle CEO Larry Ellison

Remote Services, a must.

By integrating remote services into your day-to-day business operations, you leverage the power and efficiency of cloud computing without incurring the traditional overhead associated with providing the same services in-house. Case in point: unless your business runs its own IT department complete with fiber internet connectivity, redundant, hardware-RAID-enabled servers, ultra-reliable 24/7 power backup, etc., chances are that outsourcing hosting for your company website would be a prudent choice.

New Mind provides a variety of cloud services that blend with our core web/mobile application development platform. We provide the following remote services at highly competitive rates:
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Site/Database/Application Hosting
  • Integrated Payment Processing (via Authorize.net & Paypal)
  • Remote OS (2003 Enterprise Server, 5 CALs; Linux, various)
  • vmWare ESXi server virtualization (OS, various)
  • Dedicated & Colocated Servers
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