Wellness Inc.
Looking to replace their legacy Palm Pilot health screening app., Wellness Inc. hired New Mind to develop a standalone iPhone/iPod app. Running an offline SQLite database, jQuery & AJAX, screening directors now just sync field devices to the cloud server at the end of the day. Result?

No more need for field laptops.
Client List
New Mind provides application development services for a variety of businesses and organizations, for profit and non-profit, large to small.
New Mind Clients (partial list)
Airbag Resources
Amherst College
Avid Technologies
Besant Hill School
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Boston Medical Communications
Brick Bottom Artists Association
Brown University
Car Free Days
Fidelity Investments
Harborside Healthcare
Harvard University
Hill, Holliday Advertising
John Hancock Financial Services
Northeastern University
Professional Marketing Associates
Quest Online
Reassurance Care Calls
Social Security Administration
Stop & Shop Companies
University of Massachusetts
US Hockey Report
Wang Laboratories
Wellness, Inc.
New Mind Development has a knack for reaching and moving an audience. They have brought fresh, novel thinking and a memorable creative solution to every project on which we've collaborated over the past decade.
Clif Rice
Vice President, Images
Fidelity Investments
We needed a custom web application that met strict government recall standards for US-based airbag recyclers. New Mind delivered in the clutch, beat the deadline and provided a cutting edge admin interface to boot, we are very pleased with the result, thanks!
Peter Byrne
AirbagResources Director
New Mind Development has been wonderful to work with, the creation of our conference registration system went smoothly even when we kept adding pieces to the puzzle. They respond quickly to requests and are very patient in explaining to novice users how to make full use of the web-based registration tools.
Laurie Bailey
NAECED Treasurer