Focused on Client Success
New Mind develops scalable web & mobile applications for businesses focused on succeeding in today's efficiency driven global economy. Whether you need a custom content management system (CMS) to manage your product inventory or membership data, a complex shopping cart to sell your products/services, or a standalone mobile application for your sales team in the field, New Mind provides these services & much more, beating deadlines and delivering quality software since 2001.

Our flagship application is the U.S. Hockey Report, a New England Prep Hockey scouting news service.
New Mind CMS
A powerful, user-friendly content management system, New Mind CMS allows site owners to manage every aspect of their website, from text content to images, products to invoices, memberships to blogs. Check out the latest release (v2.2), features include...
 Client Praise
"New Mind has a knack for reaching and moving an audience. They have brought fresh, novel thinking and a memorable creative solution to every project on which we've collaborated over the past decade"
             --Clif Rice Fidelity Investments
Recent Blog
Looking for a way to perform remote backups for your SQL Server database without relying on expensive 3rd party software? It's easier than you think, T-SQL to the rescue. Part I of II in remote database backups (MySQL backups over Rsync covered in part II).